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Whatever stage your career is at, if you are passionate about coding and ready for new challenges we can help you learn new techniques, expand your tech-stack and add skills to your CV.

We hire for potential, the gems in the industry. If you can promise to help us deliver awesome tech to our clients, then we have a promise to you - we will provide you with the best opportunities for your professional and personal development. We will help you realise your full potential, so that you can be a part of tomorrow’s future. Are you growth minded, high energy, high motivation? If you have ambition, ability and dedication join the team.

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Being part of Competa

Colleagues become friends

A tech-community, we evaluate and adopt new technology and love to share the knowledge we gain. That’s why we contribute to Open Source projects, Hackathon events and Meetups. We work hard and are ambitious, growing future tech leaders. Competa alumni have started companies and led successful start-ups, and we stay in touch when people move on. As a Dutch company with an international outlook we have employed more than 45 nationalities - people from every continent except Antarctica - to work on projects for our leading international clients.

Run by a management Scrum team, we actively encourage staff to get involved in our business. Join in, put your ideas on our Product Backlog.

"Competa helped me reveal my coding skills. I have contributed to the development for big companies in the Netherlands. I have achieved great success through their continuous technical and managerial support."

Carina Syemyerdzhyan

Front-end developer

"My years at Competa have been the best for me career wise. When I walked in with little to no experience, Competa was willing to give me a chance — a lot of great opportunities with great projects and loving support."


Front-End Developer

"Competa helped me grow from a junior PHP hacker to a Senior Full-stack Developer with leadership experience. I got to work with some seriously talented engineers on massive projects for some of the biggest companies in Europe. My dream has always been to start my own company and now I have the chance — thanks to Competa for getting me there."


CIO at a start-up in Asia

"Competa gave me the chance to grow even farther then ever before. They invested resources in me to let me grow to the point where I am now which gives a massive career boost!"

Steve Pronk

Tech Mentor

Grow your future

Learn and grow together

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CodePamoja Graduate Training Program

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Skill-building projects

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Grow personal- as well as tech-skills

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