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Improving economic prospects


Fair Trade Software Foundation


Best Practice in Software Development

Fair Trade Economy

Improving economic prospects

Enhancing employability & economic inclusion

Fair Trade Software (FTS) is an economic model conceived by Competa in 2010 to improve economic prospects for urban youth in developing countries through digital employment. Through our projects we deliver new skills, mentor, transfer knowledge, and help build international linkages among software developers in Africa and Europe. By growing capability in the ICT sector FTS acts to catalyse growth and unlock potential in other sectors that utilise ICT services, improving the lives of people in developing countries regardless of how or where they are employed.

Employment creation

Bridging capability and capacity gaps

Building local capacity to deliver complex projects


Fair Trade Software Foundation

Unlocking potential, creating opportunities

The FTS Foundation exists to further develop of the economic model, and acts to create and sustain partnerships between software companies in developed and developing countries. The Foundation governs and runs the initiative, oversees companies using the model, and engages with other stakeholders such as government organisations, international development agencies, donors and academic institutions. Since 2014 the Foundation has been supported by an elected Board of Directors.

Non-profit organisation

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Best Practice in Software Development

Cross-border collaboration

People need a way to come in contact with role models and opportunities to learn industry best practice. This is particularly true of skills such as project management which are difficult to learn in an academic setting and are typically acquired by imitating more experienced colleagues. International collaboration is the solution to provide the mentoring and knowledge transfer opportunities lacking in developing countries. FTS has pioneered new ways to give African software developers the opportunity to work alongside professionals on real projects managed to international standards, providing the role-models and learning “food-chain” currently missing.

Sustainable, academically proven model

Teaching best practice in software development

Global partnerships for knowledge transfer

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