Fair Trade Software

Proven economic transformation

Technology has the potential to transform life in sub-Saharan Africa, bringing employment and prosperity. Back in 2010 we decided to play a role in this transformation, so we started collaborating with Kenyan developers. That’s how “Fair Trade Software” began, something that has grown into an economic model now governed by an independent Foundation. Software development is more than just creating tech products, it is a service that enables innovation in other sectors. Sharing our knowledge of this we catalyze change, leapfrogging other economic sectors and driving significant measurable impact.

  • Sustainable model not reliant on charity or donation
  • Projects in healthcare and microfinance, benefitting millions
  • Cross-continental co-creation


Because we can

Competa is a community of innovators, designers and technologists - people who love critical thinking and problem-solving. We see a future where technology brings positive change to the world and we know we can play a role if we dare to pursue our ideas. That’s why and how we created Fair Trade Software - to help people in developing countries reach their goals by leveraging technology. Collaborating with African companies we share our knowledge, helping companies and young professionals to build skills, thus contributing to digital technology uplift.

  • Learning innovation – people need role-models, not lectures
  • Enhanced employability - 90% attendees find employment
  • Alumni benefit from rapid career progression - 50% higher salaries

Competa in Africa today

ICT services for the African continent

Our Nairobi office provides software development and consultancy services for Financial and Healthcare Institutions, NGOs, International Development Agencies and other organizations operating across the African continent. For these projects we employ local staff and business partners, sustainably creating software jobs for people in Africa. Projects are supported from the Netherlands to stimulate knowledge sharing and guarantee consistent international standards.

  • Over twenty years of experience in EU markets
  • A decade of experience in African markets
  • Local talent, international standards