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Investing in people


Fair Trade Software


WorkPamoja with GIZ

Fair Trade Economy

Investing in people

Growing the future

Over our 23 year history Competa has grown a culture of "learn, teach and share". We realised in 2010 that it would be possible (and fun) to open up our graduate training program to include people from developing countries. We called this Fair Trade Software and it started something that has grown. Through our work we mentor, transfer knowledge and help build international linkages among software developers in Africa and Europe.

Sharing skills

Bridging capability and capacity gaps

Building African capacity to deliver complex projects


Fair Trade Software Foundation

Global partnerships to unlock potential

Fair Trade Software (FTS) is an economic model conceived by Competa in 2010. The independent FTS Foundation exists to develop the economic model further. The Foundation governs and runs the initiative, and acts to create and sustain partnerships between software companies in developed and developing countries. The Foundation also engages with other stakeholders such as government organizations, international development agencies, donors and academic institutions. The FTS Foundation is run by volunteers and funded by donors, membership is free.

Sustainable, academically proven model

Independent non-profit organization since 2011

Elected Board of Directors

Scrum board

WorkPamoja with GIZ

A Fair Trade Software project

WorkPamoja ('work together' in Kiswahili) is an initiative to grow the capability of the African ICT sector through EurAfrican collaboration. Working on projects for local clients, African ICT companies can learn industry best practice and deliver more successful projects by involving experienced EU mentors. EU partners usually work pro bono, the visible commitment to sustainability giving benefits such as brand enhancement and improved employee relations. WorkPamoja has a growing pipeline of projects. We invite contact from organizations with further projects, and from EU and African ICT companies to help deliver them.

Competa initiative in partnership with German development agency GIZ

High-impact projects in healthcare, finance, digital training

Mutual benefit for all parties

Success stories

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