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Whether you need one developer with specific skills or a whole team, we work with you to deliver on-site resources on a flexible basis. Scalable resourcing solutions tuned to your changing tech stack, we fit your procurement systems and get your projects delivered in the Randstad area and beyond.


Because we can

Competa is a community of innovators, designers and technologists - people who love critical thinking and problem-solving. We see a future where technology brings positive change to the world and we know we can play a role if we dare to pursue our ideas. That’s why and how we created Fair Trade Software - to help people in developing countries reach their goals by leveraging technology. Collaborating with African companies we share our knowledge, helping companies and young professionals to build skills, thus contributing to digital technology uplift.

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Want to learn new tech and work on interesting, skill-building projects? Whatever stage your career is at, we can help you grow further and reach your goals with on-going career evaluation and "personal sprints".