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Dutch Software Services

We build your teams so that you can build your software

Looking to build a team for your project? Whether you need one developer with specific skills or a whole team, we work with you to deliver on-site resources on a flexible basis. We provide scalable resourcing solutions tuned to your changing tech stack.

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Competa Africa

ICT training and software services

We support local and international organizations with software services designed for the African continent. We are specialized in vocational training to give African young professionals experience in the latest software development and project management techniques.

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Growing your career

Want to learn new tech and work on interesting, skill-building projects? Whatever stage your career is at we can help you grow further and reach your goals with on-going career evaluation and "personal sprints".



Fair Trade Software

We want to help people in developing countries reach their goals too - that's why we created Fair Trade Software in 2010. Collaborating with African companies we share our knowledge and help young professionals build skills. Growing local companies who can use tech to solve local problems.

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