Project resources

Randstad area

Building great software requires attention to detail, deep technical knowledge and strong co-creation skills, so filling gaps in teams can be hard - but we can help. Whether you need one developer with specific skills or a whole team, we work with you to deliver resources on a flexible basis.

Our services are designed to fit your procurement systems. Partnering with all major external manpower suppliers, contracts can be arranged through your existing suppliers - making it easy for you to use our skills quickly, flexibly and cost-effectively. Covid-19 “new normal” practices are in place and co-located teams are possible. Our staff can work at your office, or your staff can work from our spacious office in Rijswijk, very close to the A4 highway.







Digital professionals

Expertise for now and the future

Skilled in tech and Agile project delivery, passionate about software development and backed up with technical and management support from our office, our digital professionals are all employed directly by Competa - no subcontractors or freelancers. Taking a long-term view of relationships, we train our staff to client tech-stacks in advance of anticipated needs guaranteeing continuity to the end of your project and beyond. Close working relationships promise culture fit from our employees - we share knowledge to protect your interests, not our contracts.

We are quality driven and continuously strive to exceed the highest technical demands from our clients. Currently specialized in Angular, React, Vue, PHP, Python and UX/UI/Design. Want something else? We are dedicated to find someone to fit your needs and demands.

Let's work together

We provide dedicated design and development teams, specifically trained to your needs.