Where we come from

Building tech for a quarter of a century

Founded in 1997 as a spin-off from Shell Research in the Netherlands, Competa delivers the expertise clients need to build the tech their business relies on. Our origins were in designing, building and management of data centre infrastructure. In response to changing demand we have specialised in software development since 2010.

From our headquarters in The Hague, Competa mainly services the Randstad area. Our office in Nairobi Kenya supports clients operating in Africa. Market leaders in sectors such as Finance, Engineering, Media and Medical hire us because we love to build software that works, looks good and is easy to use.

Culture and values

Learn, innovate and share

United by a passion for technology, we love to learn about both tech and our customers. We value diversity and inclusion, bringing the skills and personalities required to build strong multidisciplinary teams. Enthusiastic proponents of teamwork, we encourage a culture of "everything we learn we must share" with both clients and staff. This combination of understanding our customers, leveraging our diversity and sharing our knowledge generates the results our clients need. It is the secret of our success.

"Competa people" are people who are “up for it”, think big, act small, and share the knowledge they gain.


Meet two of our developers


Full-stack Developer

Hi, I'm Faris, I have worked mainly with React.js, Redux, Node.js and JavaScript (ES6). I have experience in the field of hosting, databases, authentication, building components and making websites / platforms SEO 'ready'. Here I take into account all the wishes of the customer, ensuring the delivery of a maintainable and scalable application with consistent code.


Technical Lead

Since I’ve joined Competa in 2017, I’ve worked on a project at KLM for almost 3 years. After that journey was finished, I became the tech lead at Competa and now share my experiences with my colleagues and newcomers. Programming has been my passion since middle school, and I’ve joined the web development industry around 2012. Having a classic computer science education, I’m applying fundamental software development approaches no matter which JS-framework is on hype today. My main goal is to train developers to master clean, bug-less, well-tested, scalable code that satisfies end-customer needs.

We are looking for you

Join our creative group of developers and designers and together we learn, teach and share our knowledge.